NOTICE: This project has reached a state of completion.
CToy is an interactive C(99) coding environment based on the TCC compiler.

Small, simple, no bullshit. Write cross-platform C code and see the result immediately. No installation or compiler required, download (~2mb), unzip, run CToy and play. Ready for Windows 64 bit and MacOSX 64 bit (linux in progress). Ideal for games, image processing, teaching, prototyping...


- CToy: program update on file save (use any text editor)
- CToy_player: to publish your project (dynamic update disabled)
- API for window managment, inputs, persistent memory...
- Image processing with MaratisTCL
- OpenGLES-2 simulation
- OpenAL
- Embedded libtcc
- Plug external libraries: use C-symbols from dll or dylib files
- Can also compile your project with other compilers (CMake script for gcc, vs, mingw)
- Emscripten compatible (tool in progress)